Penguin Books Specials:
The Hong Kong Series

Exactly twenty years ago, Hong Kong’s sovereignty was handed over to China. During that period, Hong Kong has accumulated stories worth telling; stories full of history and lessons within. The multicultural hub bustling with possibility and promise has become a centre for creativity and a source of inspiration not only for those on the mainland. But while Hong Kong seems to live a life of its own, the question remains – what conclusions can be drawn from a city that faces daily contradictions? The riches of commerce amongst the shanty roof towns, the mango trees between industrial roundabouts and art facing commercial requirements – these are the riddles and untold stories the Hong Kong Series seeks to explore.

Through probing fiction and inquisitive non-fiction essays on politics, art, society, architecture and the economy, this series shines a light on the city’s deepest changes. From award-winning writers to experts in the field, the Hong Kong Series brings together authors from all disciplines to enlighten and educate those already familiar with Hong Kong’s complexities, as well as those who are curious about the course of tomorrow. 








Uncharted Territory: Culture and Commerce in Hong Kong's Art World

Hong Kong has the once in a generation opportunity to assert itself as the creative and cultural hub of Asia, and to rival the established centres of New York and London. In providing an angle unique to the city, Hong Kong could play a pivotal role beyond the market in redefining the concept of ‘global’. But, is it ready to take on the challenge? Magnus Renfrew, art expert and one of the driving forces behind the city’s ascent in the art world, outlines the recent past and paints the future of Hong Kong’s art scene, all while reflecting on his own experiences and the new buzz around Hong Kong’s endless possibilities.



擺在香港面前的是個不可多得的機會--登上亞洲創意文化中心的寶座,興紐約和倫敦等國際級的對手較勁。只要找對方向,香港可以重新定義國際藝術市場的「全球化」概念。問題是,香港有足夠準備迎接挑戰嗎? Magnus Renfrew,香港藝術界的重要推手,其最新著作《Uncharted Territory: Culture and Commerce in Hong Kong's Art World》概述香港藝術界的近代史,亦從自身的經驗預測香港藝術界的未來發展。


Binding world cultures through art, an interview with China Daily

'Magnus Renfrew’s name is synonymous with Hong Kong’s art scene as the founding father of the city’s popular art fair Art Basel.'

'Having devoted more than two decades to the art industry across Western and eastern cultures — ranging from a specialist with auction houses to managing museums and commercial galleries — he’s credited, to a certain extent, with propagating the mindset that art is something for the ordinary folk to prize too, rather than being an exclusive domain for the wealthy or professional few.'

'Launching his career in London, Renfrew had worked in Shanghai for a year before opting to settle down in Hong Kong with his family a decade ago. The cross cultural experiences equipped him with the knowledge and insight to run the international art fair Art Basel in the SAR as its founding director from 2012 to 2014...'