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Magnus Renfrew is a cultural entrepreneur and writer with over 20 years’ experience in the international art world. 

In 2017 Renfrew founded the ARTHQ / Group, a leading service provider for the art world. ARTHQ / Group provides Strategic Consultancy and Executive Search solutions for the art world as well as investing in, and creating, landmark events and digital platforms to expand audiences.

Renfrew served as founding director of Art Basel in Hong Kong from 2012-2014 following the acquisition of ART HK by MCH Group. From 2007-2012 Renfrew was the founding fair director of ART HK: Hong Kong International Art Fair. ART HK is widely credited with repositioning Hong Kong as the center of the art market in Asia and as having a transformative impact on the cultural landscape of the city and its perception globally. In 2018 Renfrew announced the launch of TAIPEI DANGDAI, a new art fair for Taipei, the first edition of which will take place in January 2019. Renfrew serves as both co-organizer and Founding Fair Director.

Renfrew has been recognized for his contribution by industry media and has regularly appeared in the Power 100 lists of ART + AUCTION, ART REVIEW and Le Journal des Arts as one of the 100 most influential figures in the art world. In 2013 he was honoured by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader. In 2017, Renfrew’s book Uncharted Territory: Culture & Commerce in Hong Kong’s Art World was published by Penguin.

Born in 1975, Renfrew was brought up in Cambridge, UK, and educated at The Leys School, Cambridge and the University of St Andrews where he gained a 1st Class MA (Hons) and the OE Saunders Prize for Art History. In Hong Kong Renfrew served as a member of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council from 2014-2016, and is currently Chair of the Advisory Council for Para Site Art Space.

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活躍於國際藝壇二十多年,文化企業家任天晉(Magnus Renfrew)於2017年成立ARTHQ / Group,為藝術界提供各種服務。ARTHQ / Group為藝術界提供戰略諮詢和行政搜索解決方案,並投資和創建具有里程碑意義的活動和數字平台,以擴大受眾群體。

自香港國際藝術展 (ART HK) 於2007年推出以來到2012年,任天晉領導展會走過豐盛圓滿的五年。香港國際藝術展的成功,讓香港成為現代及當代藝術市場的亞洲樞扭,影響力無遠弗屆。2012至2014年,在巴塞爾藝術展 (Art Basel) 母公司瑞士MCH集團收購香港國際藝術展 (ART HK) 後,任天晉獲委任為展會之亞洲總監,同時為執行董事會的四名成員之一。在帶領巴塞爾藝術展掀開亞洲新一頁的同時,亦透過牽引區內各項文化活動來提昇展會於亞洲的社會地位,更為亞太地區藝廊、收藏家及藝術社區打開國際之門,全面投入展會之環球發展。在任天晉的領導下,2013年首展以及2014年第二届展會均獲得空前成功。2018年,任天晉宣布推出TAIPEI DANGDAI,第一屆藝術博覽會將於2019年1月舉行。任天晉同時擔任協辦和創辦博覽會總監。

其熱誠、成就和貢獻獲得業界與國際媒體的一致推崇——《ART + AUCTION》曾命任天晉為「當代藝術十五大風雲人物」;2010年、2012年獲《ART REVIEW》評選為「國際藝壇百大最具影響力人物」;2011年法國殿堂級藝文刊物《Le Journal des Arts》「藝術界最具影響力百大人物」;2013年,世界經濟論壇 (World Economic Forum) 更推選任天晉為全球青年領袖,國際地位超然。2017年,任天晉著作《Uncharted Territory: Culture & Commerce in Hong Kong’s Art World》由英國企鵝出版推出。

1975年在英國出生,任天晉成長於劍橋,在享負盛名的利斯學校 (The Leys School) 及聖安德魯大學 (University of St Andrews) 接受教育,以一級榮譽文學碩士資格畢業,更曾獲頒發OE Saunders Class Prize藝術歷史大獎。任天晉目前定居於香港,為Para Site藝術空間顧問委員會成員及香港藝術發展局委員。